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The Bowser Shrine Fan Contributions

Last Updated: August 16th, 2008

The following is a list of all the contributions fans have made to this website, The Bowser Shrine, either through updated media or information (this excludes specific fan works which are directly credited). Examples of these contributions would be things such as information additions to the "Bowser Info" section, or new/updated Bowser renders, wallpapers, screenshots to the "Bowser Media" section. While I'd thought that I had perhaps sweeped the internet, grabbing all Bowser content discovered in order to fuel my constant obsession, I am just one man! There will be things I will always miss, which others come across. For that, I respectfully give credit where credit is due. Here is a list of all of the people that have made contributions to The Bowser Shrine, thank you so very much:

Contributor   Section   Content   Submission

OczBowser Bowser Box Art Gameboy Gallery 2 European box art New
DarkCream Bowser Screenshots Bowser Hammer Throw FMV Screenshot New
FireBrosFan Bowser Box Art Super Mario Bros 2. box art New
Charkonian Ard Bowser Renders Bowser Breakdance (Higher Res.) Update
Erin Thweatt Bowser Renders Super Mario Bros. 3 Strategy Guide Render New

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