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Bowser Renders

Last Updated: August 13th, 2017

The following is a complete list of all of the Bowser renders I have collected over the years. Since it is my mission to collect every single Bowser render ever made (to date and to best knowledge), there is a good chance you can find them all here! If you have found a higher resolution Bowser render than I have, or an image that I have not found, Contact me! I will give you credit for your impressive find, as well as be humbled by your impressive Bowser searching skills!

These images are all copyright of Nintendo and official, and I do not claim any ownership of them. Although I have exerted quite an effort to gather all of these renders, some of which that are quite rare, I am willing to freely share them all in Bowser's honour! I would very much appreciate it if credit was given back to The Bowser Shrine and/or supported by a link. Please do not link directly to these images for use in forum signatures, avatars, etc. Doing so sucks bandwidth from the site each time the image is loaded (and in forums, that happens a lot). Upload them to your own webspace such as Photobucket. The renders listed are sorted in order of the respective Mario game release dates, from earliest to latest.

Also, I have not and will not ruin these images by tasteless watermarks, and I would appreciate if everybody promises to do the same. Some of these renders that I have retrieved from large gaming sites such as IGN and Gamespot are watermarked, but mercifully are in the lower right hand corner and usually don't cover the image at all. Since IGN and Gamespot are the source of a lot of this official artwork, they can be an exception, but please don't edit these originals.

Lastly, the images listed are character art and renders of Bowser released to support its respective game. Bowser artwork and renders are also released by Nintendo for box art, wallpapers, and merchandise. Check out those respective sections of The Bowser Shrine for more Bowser concept art sightings! Also for a description of each major Bowser character art and render and how Bowser's concept has evolved over the years, check out Bowser Evolution

(Orange tiles represent pre-existing renders updated with a higher resolution image)

(Blue tiles represent net-new renders)

Official Renders - (36)

The images I list here are, to the best of my knowledge, as close to the original source as released by Nintendo. All of these images are at their highest resolution and quality and have not been edited or compressed at all. Once again though, if you can find an even higher resolution image, Contact me!

Unofficial Renders - (71)

The images I list here have been edited or have changed from their original source release. A lot of them have been scanned out of magazines or extracted out of wallpapers by myself and others. As a result, they are low resolution and low quality. If you find a higher resolution image or an image I have not listed, Contact me!


Super Mario Brothers and its related characters are copyright Nintendo. All copyrighted material belongs to their respective owners. The Bowser Shrine is a fan appreciation site only, and is not affiliated with Nintendo in any way. Best viewed at 1280 X 1024 and higher. No contents of this website may be reproduced without written permission.
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