Bowser's Profile

Last Updated: March 6th, 2007

Bowser Crossarms

Full Name: Bowser Koopa

Rank/Title: King of the Koopas

Residence: Bowser's Keep

Age: Unknown

Height: 9'3" or 282 cm (estimated)

Weight: 2,600 lbs or 1,180 kg (estimated)

Likes: Kidnapping Princess Peach, power and domination, coins, spikes, lava, sports, spicey food

Dislikes: Plumbers

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Red

Scale Colour: Orange

Shell Colour: Green

Shell Spikes: 13

Tail Spikes: 2

Horns: 2

Horn/Spike Colour: Light-golden

Accessories: Dark-grey spike-studded metal cuffs around biceps and wrists as well as a collar