Overview of King Bowser Koopa

Last Updated: February 12th, 2007

"I'm the biggest, baddest brute around, and don't you forget it." -
Bowser Koopa, Super Mario RPG

Tough Bowser Bowser, known in full as Bowser Koopa, is the King of the Koopas and the supreme leader and commander of the Koopa Troop army. The Koopas are a turtle-like species from the Mario universe, a video game series from Nintendo. Bowser is usually referred to as King Bowser or King Koopa and known in Japan as just Koopa (). Bowser, the strongest and most powerful Koopa, exists as the primary nemesis of the Mario Brothers, and is frequently the final boss in many Mario games. Bowser's appearance can best be described as a large bipedal creature with a mix of tortoise, dragon and dinosaur elements. He has orange scales all over his body with a light-yellow stomach. Bowser has a large turtle shell on his back fit with thirteen sharp spikes. His tail is also orange in colour, with two sharp spikes on the end. Bowser has two sharp horns on top of his head along with a fiery red mane. He also wears black spiked leather/metal cuffs around his biceps, wrists, and neck. Bowser is most likely based on a Kappa, a legendary Japanese water creature.

The Koopas live in Bowser's domain of the Koopa Kingdom, which rivals the neighbouring Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser owns a huge castle which is heavily fortified and surrounded by lava. Bowser is obsessed with the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach Toadstool, and frequently kidnaps her out of love, devotion, and the desire to rule her kingdom. Bowser's plans to capture Princess Peach and conquer the Mushroom Kingdom are usually foiled by two plumbers: Mario and Luigi; also known as the Mario Brothers. Bowser is depicted fairly consistently as brutish and sinister, but often displays inconsistent levels of intelligence ranging from dim-witted to brilliant. Bowser's fighting abilities and attributes consist of sharp claws, brute strength, and the ability to breathe fire; either as fireballs or as a continuous spew. He has demonstrated skill in the art of Koopa black magic, but does not frequently use it.

Bowser was created by legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and first appeared as the arch-villain and final boss in the first game of the Mario Series "Super Mario Bros." Bowser appears in nearly every primary Mario game that is released, either playing the role as the main villain as in most of the platformers, or the very comical, oafish anti-hero as in a lot of the RPGs. It was through the RPGs that Bowser's deep personality was developed, and he proved to be quite a round character with a great sense of humour to go with his badass attitude. Bowser often appears in secondary Mario games such as the various Mario sports titles and the Mario Kart series. He is a selectable character that the player can choose, and is often the heaviest and most powerful character; but slower than the other characters. Although there have been many Mario spinoff titles, Bowser remains the only major Mario character not to have been given his own game yet, despite his popularity. As the central villain of one of the world's most popular video game franchises and perhaps the first ever video game boss, Bowser is one of the most recognizable video game villains of all time.