History of Bowser

Last Updated: February 18th, 2007

Bowser Bowser's ambition and craving for power, control, and domination never lowers in intensity; nor does his desire to enslave the Mushroom Kingdom by capturing Princess Peach. Countless times Bowser has been successful in capturing the princess, only to have her rescued every time by the Mario Brothers. These defeats do not stop Bowser's determination from trying however, and he continues to kidnap her. Later it was discovered that Bowser has a secret crush on Peach, and her constant capturings are fueled by his love and feelings for her. Bowser has mysteriously fathered eight Koopa Kids to date, who have assisted Bowser in the past in his plans of world domination. Bowser and his children live in Bowser's Castle in Koopa Kingdom, where they form the Koopa Royal Family.


As a young Koopa, Bowser's great, ambitious future was foretold by the great Magikoopa sorcerer Kamek, who raised Bowser and also served as a parental figure and guardian. Bowser was raised as a spoiled brat, with his many servants carrying out all his biddings. Kamek allowed Bowser to do whatever he wanted, as he was to grow up to become the great and powerful King of all Koopas. Kamek also correctly divines that the delivery of two twin brothers will cause great trouble for Bowser and the Koopas in the future, so he attempts to intercept the stork carrying the two baby twins. Kamek captures the stork and Baby Luigi, but Mario and the Stork's map fall to the ground landing on a Yoshi's back.

Baby Bowser The Yoshis decided to protect Baby Mario and take him to the location marked on the map where they would reunite him with his baby brother. The Yoshi carrying Baby Mario would eventually clash with Baby Bowser, who was curious about the dinosaur, calling it a "green donkey" and wanting to play with it. In a last-ditch effort to stop the Yoshi carrying Baby Mario, Kamek casts a spell on Baby Bowser causing him to grow to immense proportions. Ultimately the Yoshi defeated Baby Bowser, who then swore revenge on the Yoshis.

Years later, Baby Bowser steals the Yoshi's Super Happy Tree and turns Yoshi's Island into a storybook. Six variously colored baby Yoshis fight the young king in his private chambers to regain control of their Super Happy Tree and restore Yoshi's Island. Baby Bowser is once again defeated by the Yoshis.

As Bowser grew up through his teenage years, he continued to grow more powerful and mighty. Bowser became proficient in Koopa black magic through Kamek's teachings and learned to breathe fire. Bowser was developing into the great and powerful ruler of the Koopas, exactly as Kamek had forseen.

Bowser Tip Baby Bowser is not to be confused with Bowser Jr., who are two separate characters; even though they both look virtually identical. Baby Bowser is Bowser Koopa as a juvenile and Bowser Jr. turns out to be one of Bowser's sons. It could also be possible that Bowser Jr. is a clone of Bowser.

Attempts of World Domination

Upon reaching adulthood, Bowser, already King of the Koopas and ruler of the Koopa Kingdom, wanted more. He looked to the neighbouring Mushroom Kingdom to expand his rule. Bowser turned the Mushroom Kingdom's citizens to stone and other inanimate objects using his Koopa black magic. He then kidnapped Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, and fled back to his keep in the Koopa Kingdom. Princess Peach was the only one who could undo the evil magic that Bowser had cast upon the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser could also become King of the Mushroom Kingdom by forcing a political marriage on Peach making her his queen.

Tough Bowser Princess Peach was rescued from the Koopa King after the Mario Brothers defeated him by cutting the chain supporting the lava bridge he was standing on. As a result, Bowser plunged into the lava pit below the bridge. Bowser survived, despite being submerged in lava, perhaps due to a bodily resistance to extreme heat.

With Bowser defeated and the princess rescued, Bowser slunk away for a period of time until somewhere down the line, he fathered 7 offspring; presumably with the aid of a still unknown female Koopa.

Bowser Tip Like most story elements and character backstories of Nintendo's Mario franchise, this achievement is also left vague and undeveloped.

Bowser's seven children are referred to as the Koopa Kids or Koopalings. The seven young Koopas's names are: Larry Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Wendy O. Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Ludwig Von Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, and Roy Koopa. The origins of these Koopa Kids as well as who the mother of these children remains unknown. Although these children resemble Koopas from the royalty, none seem to look much like Bowser or have sharp curved horns on their heads. There are many rumours offering suggestions as to how these Koopalings came into existance such as that they may be adopted or that Bowser may have a wife named Clawdia. Bowser and his children form the Koopa Royal Family.

Bowser returned to attack the Mushroom Kingdom again along with the help of his seven Koopa Kids. On this offensive, Bowser attacked the seven Mushroom Worlds with his doomship and transformed each Mushroom King into animals. Each of Bowser's Koopa Kids guarded each of the Mushroom Worlds, as well as the magic sceptres that could be used to transform the Mushroom Kings back into their old selves. Once again Princess Peach was kidnapped, sending the land into chaos once more. Mario & Luigi defeated each of the Koopa Kids guarding the seven Mushroom Worlds and used the sceptres to undo the transformations to the Mushroom Kings. The brothers then moved on to face Bowser, who was dwelling in his castle in Dark Land. Bowser was defeated again after Mario and Luigi tricked him into repeatedly crashing the brick floor in an attempt to crush them. Eventually, the brick floor gave way causing Bowser to fall an indeterminable height.

Bowser SMW Bowser and his Koopa Kids rebounded to launch another attack on the Mushroom Kingdom and capture the princess. This time, Bowser invaded the neighbouring region of Dinosaur Land, which also contained Yoshi's Island, and trapped all of the Yoshis there in eggs. Seven baby Yoshis were also held captive in seven castles all across Dinosaur Land belonging to each of Bowser's seven children. Mario & Luigi once again defeat all of Bowser's children and then challenge the Koopa King in the Valley of Bowser. Bowser uses his newly invented mode of transportation, the Koopa Clown Car, to fight the Mario Brothers. He attacked the Mario Brothers from his Koopa Clown Car by barraging them with Mechakoopas, large steel boulders, and fire. Bowser was defeated by the Mario Brothers once more after being knocked out by his own Mechakoopas punted back up to him hitting him in the head.

Bowser, still determined to control the Mushroom Kingdom, returned to invade Peach's castle and imprisoned all its inhabitants in the castle walls with the magic of the stolen Power Stars. This time, Bowser attacks alone, and does not use the help of his children. Mario tracked Bowser down by collecting the magic Power Stars one by one. Bowser clashed with Mario on three occassions on a large round platform surrounded by four spiked bombs. All three times Bowser was defeated when Mario caught Bowser by the tail, spun him around, and tossed him into spiked bombs around the ring.

Bowser once again attempted to take over the Mushroom Kingdom with help from the female Koopa witch Kammy Koopa. This time, Bowser stole the Star Rod, a magical device that grants wishes, and imprisoned the Seven Star Spirits. Bowser also used his castle to hijack Princess Peach's castle, with Peach still in it, and lifted the castle high into the sky. The Star Rod made Bowser extremely powerful, and the first time Mario squared off against Bowser, Bowser defeated Mario with the power of the Star Rod. This forced Mario to collect the powers of the Seven Star spirits before he could face him again. Mario ultimately defeated the Star Rod weilding Bowser after using the collective power of the Seven Star spirits.

Bowser Happy Bowser Tip During this instance of Bowser's capture of Princess Peach, it is revealed that Bowser has a crush on Peach as he talks affectionatly to her and makes a wish to the star spirits wanting her to like him. Peach also finds the Koopa King's diary in which he secretly expresses feelings of love for her. This exposes a softer side to the King of the Koopas and possibly explains why he captures Princess Peach so often.

Bowser once again introduced another child, Bowser Jr., making the eighth Koopa Kid. This latest member of the Koopa Royal Family line looks very similar to Bowser himself as a child, and could even possibly be a clone of Bowser himself.

Bowser got his newest son, Bowser Jr., to disguise himself as Mario and paint grafitti all over the resort of Isle Defino. In this effort, Bowser hoped that the locals will blame Mario for the vandalism. Bowser Jr. also landed up kidnapping Peach, and later revealed that Bowser told him that Peach was his mother. Mario tracked down both Bowser and Bowser Jr. who were both relaxing in a large hot tub on top of Corona Mountain. Mario sent Bowser and Bowser Jr. plummeting after ground pounding the hot tub until finally, the whole hot tub collapsed. Bowser later apologized to Bowser Jr. for deceiving him and Bowser Jr. explained that he can't wait to fight Mario again, which pleased Bowser.

Beaten to the Punch

Bowser takes the kidnapping of Princess Peach very seriously. In his mind, only he is allowed to kidnap the princess, and takes great offense if anyone else kidnaps her before he can. On three occassions, other villians have beaten him to the punch, and each time Bowser sets out on his own quest to rescue the princess so he can re-kidnap her.

Bowser SMRPG During one of Bowser's Peach capturing incidents and Mario's attempts to rescue her from Bowser's Keep, Bowser landed up getting his keep in Koopa Kingdom seized by Smithy, an extra-dimensional invader. After a very large sword impaled Bowser's Keep, Mario, Bowser, and Peach are all sent flying in different directions. Peach landed atop Booster's Tower on a balcony, and was kept prisoner there. Mario ran into Bowser at Booster's Tower where he was lamenting over the loss of his keep. In order to regain control of his keep and defeat Smithy, Bowser reluctantly teamed up with his arch-enemy Mario, and his new friends Mallow and Geno. To avoid being humiliated and to save his ego, Bowser tried to make everyone believe that he was allowing Mario to join the Koopa Troop, not the other way around. Mario, Bowser, Mallow, and Geno first rescued Peach from Booster, and then they all teamed up to defeat Smithy, where Bowser reclaimed his keep.

After getting his keep back, Bowser made another attempt to capture Princess Peach. Bowser, after just arriving to kidnap the princess again, found out that Princess Peach's voice had been stolen by an evil bean witch named Cackletta, and replaced with an explosive vocabulary. Bowser knew that Princess Peach would cause much damage to his keep in her present state if he were to kidnap her. Bowser once again teamed up with Mario in order to rescue Peach's voice, so he could kidnap her. During the adventure, Bowser developed amnesia after being shot out of a cannon. Bowser believed himself to be named "Rookie", the sidekick of a thief named Popple. Shortly after Bowser regained his memory, he became possessed by the disembodied spirit of Cackletta, which produced Bowletta. Bowser is eventually freed when Mario and Luigi destroyed Cackletta's spirit for good.

In yet another Princess Peach kidnapping attempt, Bowser became furious when he found out that somebody other than him had captured Princess Peach. Bowser set off on his own mission to find her and re-capture her. He pursued Sir Grodus and the X-Nauts, who had taken Princess Peach. Bowser also learned about the power of the Crystal Stars. After Mario defeated Sir Grodus, Bowser crashed in through the ceiling and decided to fight Mario, steal the princess, and leave with the treasure inside the Thousand Year Door. Bowser's plans were once again thwarted by Mario.


Bowser Break Dance Bowser has demonstrated that he is very athletic and talented in sports, as well as a great driver, breakdancer, and a fierce fighter. Being very competitive by nature, Bowser enters many tournaments and sporting events held around the Mushroom Kingdom, using his immense size and raw power to crush the competition. Bowser has competed in various rounds of golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, and baseball; has raced in many championship races; has shown off his very impressive breakdancing skills; and has even entered a fighting tournament. Bowser is much stronger than any other competitor by far, but his hulking size often slows him down for anything involving a lot of speed. For instance, in baseball, Bowser proves time and time again that he is the home run king, but he is a slow base runner if he does not clear the fence. In golf, Bowser's claws are so huge that often he only needs to use one hand to crush the ball, but his control can be a little tighter. Bowser's karts that he uses for racing tournaments always have the highest top speed, but his acceleration is the slowest and Bowser's weight causes his tires to sink when driving off-road. Another reason for Bowser taking part in these sporting events may be to impress the princess with his power and skill.