About The Bowser Shrine (TBS)

Last Updated: January 30th, 2007

Address: http://www.bowsershrine.com/
Launch Date: December 18, 2006
Founder/Webmaster: MagnuM
Contact E-mail: TBS Email

Welcome to The Bowser Shrine! I am MagnuM, and I consider myself the biggest Bowser Koopa fan on the planet! I challenge anyone to contend against my absolute fanatical obsession for this character! It was disappointing not being able to find many Bowser fansites anywhere on the internet, so I felt compelled to create the largest and most dedicated Bowser Koopa fansite ever! The King of the Koopas deserves it!

At The Bowser Shrine, it is all Bowser and the Koopa species; you will find no plumbers here! My objective is to have so much Bowser content that it's nearly overwhelming; to compensate for the lack of Bowser content over the years! Through years and years of searching for Bowser material, I would estimate that I have about 3,000 files specifically related to Bowser alone. That would be renders, fanart, screenshots, music, etc. Oh by the way, did I ever mention that I was obsessed about the Koopa King? Quite possibly being an organization freak and a perfectionist, I had all of my Bowser media carefully sorted and named, and always did careful backups over time. I realized that a lot of the pictures I have collected over the years are quite possibly very rare or may not even exist at all on the internet any longer. At The Bowser Shrine, you can find anything related to Bowser, common or rare.

Don't you just hate it when you do an image search and you find an awesome picture of something, such as Bowser, but it's tiny and low resolution? The web developers have taken the gorgeous, high resolution source image and shrunk it down to fit the site? Fear not, as I will have the highest possible resolution pictures of Bowser that I have come across available here at The Bowser Shrine! I am always looking for images of Bowser that are closest to their original source, whether that be renders, screenshots, etc. If you can find a higher resolution, more detailed Bowser image than I have, submit it and you can get credit for your impressive find!

I find most of the renders and pictures of Bowser using image search engines such as Google Image Search. I also search the image and screenshots sections of Mario games featured by large gaming sites such as IGN and Gamespot, the official site for Nintendo, or the official website of the game itself. Most of the fanart for Bowser I have found at deviantART using their great search feature. There are nearly 5,000 great, high quality fanart pictures of Bowser to sift through. Although I am a totally obsessed fan of Bowser and have played almost every single game Bowser has ever been even briefly featured in, I did miss a few games which were cruical to Bowser's backstory such as Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story. Using the Wikipedia article on King Bowser as reference really helped me gain full confidence that I could cover Bowser's complete backstory and stay as factual as possible.

It is also my hope with The Bowser Shrine that more people will be able to appreciate such a phenomenally awesome character such as Bowser. I feel that he is one of the more popular video game characters out there, but there is no central headquarters, if you will, that showcases all of his greatness. Perhaps that, or maybe somehow he is overlooked, as he is the only major video game character to have not starred in his own game yet (get on that Nintendo!). In my opinion, it is impossible not to like Bowser. Whether it be his unique and creative character design or his great personality and badass attitude, I would not be able to dislike Bowser if I tried! I was addicted to Bowser's awesomeness since as long as I was capable of remembering, and I will continue to be addicted for life!

So enjoy your stay at The Bowser Shrine! Thanks for stopping by!

All hail King Bowser Koopa!

Bowser SMW