Bowser Story!

Author: Josh Gonzalez

Date Submitted: September 23rd, 2007


Mario's theme music


It was a beautiful day in the land of The Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach was getting ready for the Mushroom Ball, fixing her hair and such. "I wonder how I should do my hair today" Princess Peach said to herself, as she was testing several hair styles. Toadsworth then wobbled himself into her room, short and old as always. "Princess Peach!" he exclaimed excitedly, "It's almost time for the ball!". He continued, then bowed, and rushed back to the party.

Princess Peach then looked at her hair that was long and down, the way she usually wears it. "This will do" Peach said to herself as she walked to the ball room. Princess Peach then, as usual, greeted and welcomed everyone. She then danced with random guests, awaiting the arrival of her sweetheart, Mario.

"Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! ... Doo! ..." Mario's theme song played as he entered the castle. Princess Peach smiled seeing Mario run in, and he walked over to her and offered her to dance. She accepted, and they had fun dancing, laughing, and enjoying their time together. "I'm so glad you came, Mario" Princess Peach said sweetly, as the sky started to get dark. "That's odd..." Princess Peach said, looking out the window, "It doesn't get this dark till later." Soon Princess Peach saw a familiar figure flying towards the castle; Bowser Koopa, who else? "Eeek!" Peach screamed, "Bowser's coming!". Everyone ran around in circles and screamed, except Mario, who took Princess Peach to safety. But before they could escape, Bowser crashed through the window.

"Peach, I told you to leave the window open next time" Bowser groaned, wiping glass out of his hair. "Wait, don't tell me it's Thursday already" she said concerned, "I thought you meant next Thursday!". "Well I did but I decided to come early!" He stomped towards her and Mario. "Well, then I wouldn't of known to open the window" she sighed. "Gah, er ... shut up!" Bowser yelled back, "Now, be a good princess and just come running into my arms!". "No way! You're icky." Princess Peach stood behind Mario. Mario just looked at Bowser, confident as ever "Aw, how cute, little Mario thinks he can take me on! Isn't he the little trooper?!" Bowser taunted. Mario gave Bowser a sharp glare before springing out to battle with Bowser. He simply started off with his famous jump, and stomped right on Bowser's head. Bowser took the hit, as he was used to being bonked on by now. Bowser just chuckled "Oh Mario, don't you think I'm used to this by now??", but Mario wasn't gonna give up. After a tiring spar of pouncing and flame dodging, Mario was getting tired. He looked at Bowser and realized that the Koopa King still looked ready to fight. "Well, I really think it's time to finish this!" Bowser stated. Mario looked upon, confused. Since when did BOWSER make the finish? Bowser grinned slyly then suddenly he shell-spinned up to Mario, knocking him back. Mario took the sudden attack by surprise, and before he could counter, Bowser dashed again and started shell-slamming him around. To put the cherry on top, Bowser fired what seemed to be his biggest spray of flame right at Mario. Everyone watched in horror at Bowser's sudden onslaught of Mario; and before they knew it, Mario fell down defeated... "OH YEAH! Who's your KOOPA KING!?" Bowser cheered, standing over a defeated Mario.

Where did Bowser's sudden flame come from? Has he been holding back all this time? Only the next chapter of the story may elaborate...


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