Bowser Fan Fiction

Last Updated: August 14th, 2016

The following is a library of fan fictions written by fans of Bowser Koopa. These stories are not official to Nintendo, nor are they official to Bowser's storyline. Instead they are fictional writings of the Mario universe.

Credit to the author is given at the beginning of every story. If you are interested in using somebody's fan fiction in whole or in part, it is strongly recommended to gain permission from the author first. I would also very much appreciate it if credit was given back to The Bowser Shrine and/or supported by a link if you like the fan writings library here. If you have your own fan fiction that you would like to submit to The Bowser Shrine, Contact me!

Vicissitude - by Cyndi H. New
Not a Monster - by Cyndi H. New
Bowser Story! - by Josh Gonzalez
Bowser's Triumph - by BoomerB157
Bowser Meets a Girl Red Yoshi - by Stupid M M
Unsent Letters - by Kevin Koopa

Have a Mario-related fan fiction featuring Bowser you would like to share? What about interesting plot twists such as Bowser succeeding in taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser getting kidnapped by Peach, or other clever or creative story ideas? Send me an e-mail containing your fan fiction or story so it can be posted for all to see!

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