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Super Mario Run Bowser Statue "Render" Re-Created
August 13, 2017

As alluded to in a more recent update, I was looking to have the Bowser statue from Super Mario Run re-created by somebody with much better image editing skills than myself. After unlocking the 8-Bit Bowser statue in Super Mario Run, I remembered that the buildings will temporarily "bounce" and pop out towards the viewer when pressed. It's also possible to zoom in a little bit on the Mushroom Kingdom screen. This gave me the idea that I could theoretically get an even higher quality image of the tough-looking Bowser Statue I really liked from earlier.

The other dependency was having the statue clear of any pesky Toads that get in the way, which seems totally luck-based. After many attempts, I was able to get all these stars in alignment: a zoomed-in screen, a fully-bounced Bowser statue, and the area clear of Toads. It resulted in this screenshot, which should be the highest-quality source image of this statue to date that I know about.

With another chance to re-create this statue from a better image, I asked a friend of mine who's a graphics artist to try his hand at extracting Bowser from the background. My attempt was done manually, pixel-by-pixel, and although my end result wasn't terrible, it was a pretty sharp jagged edge. My friend did a great job at making the edges all smooth and anti-aliased, so the end result looks much more professional. I'm sure you will agree as well:

Bowser Statue Base   Bowser Statue

For those that actually somehow liked my older, noobier version, or wish to compare between old and new, I'll post the links to the old versions, which I'll still keep uploaded:

Bowser statue base, black background (old)
Bowser statue, black background (old)
Bowser statue base, white background (old)
Bowser statue, white background (old)

I still have not seen an official image of this statue anywhere else but in-game, nor have I seen a version of it show up on any Mario website yet. I guess that means that this statue is currently a Bowser Shrine exclusive! Enjoy!


• 2 updated renders added to the Bowser Renders section

Bowser Powered


Happy Bowser Day 2017!
August 4, 2017

It is once again August 4th, or 8-4, also known as Bowser Day! Level 8-4 in the original Super Mario Bros. game was of course when you faced the real Bowser, instead of all the imposters on the other castle levels. This was Bowser's very first appearance as an 8-bit sprite (the exact same sprite as I just unlocked in Super Mario Run in my last update!)

I'm also old enough where seeing Bowser in the original Super Mario Bros. was also the first time I had witnessed him and his glory as well! He was such a cool-looking creature that I didn't want Mario to destroy his bridge, knock him into the lava, and win! His poor 8-bit feet would twinkle, feeling for the bridge, as you knocked it out from under him!

So enjoy this day in all its greatness! Play a Mario game where you get to play as Bowser. Draw some fan art of him. Write a fan fiction. Do anything to honor the great King Bowser Koopa!

Bowser Powered


Proud Bowser

(as of December 18, 2006)

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