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June 21, 2017

Jason Zimmerman emailed in a picture taken in Garry's Mod of Giga Bowser... resting on a cliff-face? I guess with scales as hard as his, this might even be considered comfortable!


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Bowser Powered


Moving the Goalposts
May 24, 2017

In my last post a couple months ago, I made a case for Super Mario Run, after seeing all the negativtiy surrounding it. I got the game for iOS when it first came out back in December, and I'm still putting hours into it each week! It looks like I still haven't changed much from my perfectionist tendencies as a teenager with the desire to beat all my video games to 100% completion. I have finally collected all the colored coins in the "Tour" mode (which was very difficult!), and then strove to win-over the 9,999 Toads required to unlock the coveted Red Yoshi! This seemed like an impossible feat and a very distant target. From my last March 19th update, I was at 3,700 Toads. Tonight, I finally went 5-figures on my Toad count!

Wait... 5-figures? Wasn't 4-figures the previous max, with 9,999 Toads the absolute maximum? Well, it was, until Nintendo released an SMR update that made the new max 99,999! After clawing my way to the goal line, the goalposts were moved further into the distance! Gosh, it was getting so hard to increase my Toad count, because it's a floating total! If you're not nearly-perfect on your "Rally" mode runs, you actually are deducted Toads! The opponent's ghosts were also getting really really hard!

Mario's dinosaur-buddy, Yoshi, happens to be my next favorite character after Bowser, so I didn't mind the work required to unlock the final Red Yoshi. When the latest update was first announced, I thought "Hey, maybe there's no need to push further!"...

... Which would have worked until this 8-bit Bowser statue showed up in the Kingdom Builder "Shop" at a whopping 15,000 Toads! That's an unbelievable 50% more Toads than the total amount I earned as of tonight! Why must "they" tempt me like this! I guess it goes without saying that I will be compelled to unlock this building as well, after being aware of its existence. What Bowser-obsessed superfan would leave anything on the table? Uhh, see you in another two months perhaps? XD

And gosh do I ever love this unique Bowser statue unlocked from earlier! Look at it terrorizing the hearts and minds of any Toads who gaze upon it! So far, I've only seen it show up from in-game screenshots. I'm still hunting for the official high-resolution render, if it even exists.

Maybe if I stopped playing so much Super Mario Run, I might actually have time for a proper Bowser Shrine update for the first time in can't-even-remember-when. One can dream, can't they? =p

Bowser Powered


Proud Bowser

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