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Affiliate Contest - Calling All Writers!
August 22, 2016

Do you fancy yourself as an eloquent writer that's a little short on cash for your favourite video games? Well fear not! Bowser Shrine affiliate Gaming Reinvented is holding an original article-writing competition for your chance to win $200.00 in a gaming shopping spree!

Have you always wanted to write an opinion-piece for an issue you felt strongly about, or wanted to give an in-depth review of a latest release from Nintendo? Then get those eager fingers tapping away! The trick is write something unique that can't be seen anywhere else. That will give you the highest chance of winning over the judges.

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Mario on the World Stage
August 21, 2016

Did anyone watch the Closing Ceremonies of the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics during the handing over of the Olympic flag to host city Tokyo for the 2020 Summer games? They played a 90-second teaser clip as a preview (is Hello Kitty really going to be their official mascot? Haha!) Towards the end of the video, it showed the Prime Minister of Japan anxious that he was going to be late for the Closing Ceremonies in Rio. At the end of the video, he morphs into Mario, and takes a warp pipe through the core of the planet. Then in the live feed, a huge warp pipe appears in the middle of the Olympic stadium, and he reappears, transforming back into the Prime Minister! It was really cool and creative! Nintendo must have been featured for about half of their official video for the world to see!

It's really hard to find any footage on YouTube of it (because it keeps getting taken down). I was able to find it on our national broadcaster CBC. I'm not sure if it's region-locked only to Canada to watch the video, but it's worth a try. Take a look at what Tokyo has in store for the 2020 Olympics, featuring Super Mario.

Nintendo always seemed to support the Olympics a lot with their "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games" series. It's really cool that they got a chance to advertise one of their most beloved franchises with the eyes of the world watching like that. Although, who doesn't know of Mario by this point? The character is as recognizable as Mickey Mouse! And hopefully, Mario's arch nemesis is at least equally-recognizable as the prime baddy!

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"Bowser Fan Fiction" Subsection Reorganized + 2 New Bowser Fan Fictions!
August 14, 2016

Just like that, things have gotten back on track. It's been 28.5 months since I have done a meaningful content-based update on The Bowser Shrine. Although I have done updates in that period, they were more to announce new link affiliates, share something quick I found online, or just blog-like updates. It's been far too long since something new has shown up related to the almighty Koopa King!

In yesterday's update, I stated with great relief how I had finally figured out an old challenge that kept my website only one-layer deep at all times. This meant that all my PHP files had to be kept at the root-level "public_html" folder, or all my relative links would break. Finding the PHP variable to point to the DOCUMENT_ROOT has solved this puzzle. I knew something of the sort would have to exist, but it would take a fair bit of research and testing. I figured it would be a bit of a frustrating search, and probably pretty time-consuming. This weekend I had a fair chunk of time to dedicate to such a quest, so I decided to go for it. Already, those efforts are starting to bear fruit!

This backend code change has allowed me to reorganize the Bowser Fan Fiction section to have each story as its own subsection! This allows for a much cleaner look, rather than posting all the stories in one massive page. Also, a fan by the name of Cyndi H. wrote in some absolutely massive fan fictions that would likely take hours to read. This was my incentive to have this rewrite done, but unfortunately, I never got around to it during all this time. I don't even want to admit how much time has really gone by since I finally got this submission uploaded, as it's far too shameful!

I have so much work to do in order to "get with the times" so-to-speak. Many subsections of The Bowser Shrine have not been updated since the 2007-2008 timerange. While modernizing these sections is important, there are still a lot of old fan submissions I'd like to get through first. Having the ability to create multiple subsections henceforth will now make that task much easier.

But for now, enjoy the efforts of Cyndi H.'s two new fan fictions! She's quite a strong and passionate writer, so you will likely be taken on a wonderful journey each time! Thank you for your patience all this time Cyndi!


Bowser Fan Fiction subsection has been reorganized so that each fan fiction exists on its own page.
• New fan fiction "Not a Monster" by Cyndi H. added to the Bowser Fan Fiction subsection
• New fan fiction "Vicissitude" by Cyndi H. added to the Bowser Fan Fiction subsection

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